Music Gypsy
Music Gypsy

Are you an artist seeking to engage with your fan base in unique, exciting ways?


We provide free-spirited and exclusive VIP music experiences for artists and their fans within the United States, and soon, worldwide! We ensure that your weekend with us will be the fan and concert experience of your dreams. We can create a tour with you or work individual experiences into an established touring schedule to create your own full-service, one of a kind adventure in one of our unique destinations nationwide!

Would you love to host an exclusive luxury mastermind or retreat?


We provide unique mastermind and corporate retreats events for businesses like yours, sure to increase your creativity and leave a lasting impression on your guests. We combine your vision with our creativity to create the perfect mix of work and play! Our master chefs, live music offerings and a host of amenities and activities for your VIPs are available upon request and included as part of our luxury retreat package.

Are you a creative, a small business or a global ecommerce company wanting to become a Music Gypsy affiliate?


We love meeting new people! Contact us today to discuss how Music Gypsy can help you grow your business and expand your network. Our Music Gypsy Coordinators are always working to find like-minded businesses and creatives to work with us at our VIP experiences and corporate retreats! Just click the button below and tell us who you are and what you have in mind! One of our Music Gypsy executive staff members will contact you soon!

Do you own a luxury vacation rental or property you would like to consider for our events, masterminds and experiences?


We are always looking for the most incredible properties at which to hold our events, corporate retreats and exclusive VIP experiences. As a Music Gypsy host, you have the option of joining our rewards program, to earn perks and opportunities like hosting a free event for your friends or obtaining tickets to other Music Gypsy events, nationwide! All properties are subject to approval by our Music Gypsy executive staff. 


Wanderlust. Live Music. Travel Destinations. Your Favorite Artists + You + Us. Does life get any better? If you're a music fan, we think not. Sign up to get early access and VIP tickets to public Music Gypsy events near you!